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Supporting Young Professionals in Public Health to Thrive through the use of:


We provide the opportunty for people to give their own quota to the development secture


We partner with other bodies and individuals to achieve maximum capacity for young Leaders.


Having a membership pool of over 6000 professionals, our platfrom give opportunity for people to come together and build stron networs


We train young people to reach their potential to come up with cutting edge innovations.


We train Young professionals to carry out their profesional activities in the est way possible

YPPH open Forum

We have a forum, where the professionals caome together to profer solutions and ideas


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What we do

As part of its unrelenting efforts in professionalizing and training public health professionals and ensuring that capacity development is strengthened in the countries of the ECOWAS region in line with the health workforce vision of the West African Health Organisation (WAHO), the Academy from 2015 has a standing policy to mainstream young professionals in early phase of their public health careers into activities and ensure that they have access to communities of practices (COPs) and the relevant platforms for mentoring

The facilitator helps keep the discussion open and flowing allowing everyone to have a chance to fully and equally participate and share their views. It is important to encourage people who want to take more time than their share of air time to also spend time listening to others.

Recently, more of the Academy’s activities have been taking place online for obvious reasons. The Open Forums extend an opportunity for youth to have a voice in a physical setting as well as virtual space.

Local – Global Connection – a strong prominence is assigned to sharing what is discussed locally in a global context

Our Platforms for Young Professionals

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Health Literacy and Leadership programme

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Stratification of the Membership of the Academy



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